Secrets of Prosperity:
What are the Universal Laws and how do they work with *tithing?
by Mark Victor Hansen
(with some of my comments)

*Tithing is from the bible and it is giving 10% (it means tenth) of your income to charity.

Since the beginning of time, certain universal "truths" were set in motion that provide a constant,
uniform and orderly method to the way the world works.
These laws work in and around us, no matter what we do or how we think.

They are:

The Law of Energy Becoming Reality
Energy moves into physical form. What you give out in energy (your tithe) materializes in physical results.
(Money is energy.. an neither good nor bad - it's how we vibe with it that counts.)

The Law of Vibration/Attraction
Everything in the universe vibrates, nothing rests. your thoughts and subsequent actions are vibrations that
send you off into the universe which , in turn, attract like minded energy and vibration to you.

(I call this concept the "nucleus effect" - if you "be" the nucleus of what you seek
you will draw others of like mind to you. Mark also says.. the law is Be, Do, Have! )

The Law of Relativity
Nothing is good or bad until it's compared to something. For instance some people many have greater abundance and prosperity than you and , likewise, you have more than another person.

The Law of Polarity
Everything has an opposite. If something bad happens in your life, there has to be something good about it. It's how you look at the situation that makes it good or bad.
(In the cycle of growth there are high and low points and the journey is not to be judged - it is simply what happens for us to learn life's lessons. "Wise-faith" allows us to know that if something is ending,
it is also a new beginning and that it all happens for very good reasons and later on it all makes sense.)

The Law of Rhythm
The tide goes in, the tide goes out. When you're on a down swing, know that the tide will be changing -
it's a law. "And this too shall pass." (A great story of a king who wanted to stay balanced in both good and bad times so he had a bracelet made to remind him how things keep changing.)

The Law of Gestation
Every "seed" has a gestation period. manifestation into form or physical results is guaranteed to occur when the time is right. If you don't experience immediate changes in your life because of tithing,
remember this law.

The Law of Cause & Effect
What you send into the Universe comes back to you. There is no such thing as chance. Everything happens according to Law and nether ever escapes the Law. When you give back 10% of our income,
you will set this divine Law into motion - Question is, will you be ready to receive?

(Being able to receive is a big part of prosperity.. with you sabotage yourself, will you feel unworthy?
Tithing helps us to feel worthy.

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